Corsivia, “NOT ONLY OFFERS ecological products, it is a 360º ecological company”.

It follows an environmental code of conduct

    • It implements the three “Rs” of environmental awareness: reduce, reuse and recycle.
        • Efficient use of resources (energy, cardboard, plastic, …) without affecting the quality of our products
        • Waste separation and recycling
        • Reuse of materials
    • It controls the use of products that harmful to the environment
    • It buys green energy, whenever possible
    • It prevents the spillage of any untreated waste water or chemicals
    • It reduces acoustic and atmospheric pollution

It guarantees the supply of ecological products that have been ecocertified by international bodies with regular inspections carried out at the premises.

Made of rosin, obtained from pine resin.
The Green Dream targets do not contain Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons.

Made of synthetic resins.
The Eco Corsivia targets contain <10ppm of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons.

It measures and offsets the carbon footprint generated by its production activity establishing specific procedures

Carbon footprint caused by manufacturing each target compared to everyday activities.

In terms of CO2, manufacturing and consuming 25 coal tar pitch targets is equivalent to… In terms of CO2, manufacturing and consuming 25 coal tar pitch targets is equivalent to…
Obtaining 1.1 kg of riceObtaining 0.5 kg of rice
Consuming 165 grams of beefConsuming 88 grams of beef
Obtaining 1.3 kg of tomatoesObtaining 0.7 kg of tomatoes
Drinking 3.64 small bottles of beerDrinking 2 small bottles of beer
Eating 1.3 hamburgersEating 2.5 hamburgers
Travelling 6 km in a diesel carTravelling 3.2 km in a diesel car
Travelling 5.29 km in a petrol carTravelling 2.81 km in a petrol car
Travelling 18 Km by busTravelling 9.6 Km by bus
Leaving the computer on standby for a day and a halfLeaving the computer on standby for 23 hours

Produced by: IK Engineering, 2016 Source: Internal data: Fuente: information provided by the external data company: CML-IA baseline v4.2/ EU25 – Global warming (GWP100a) and CML-IA baseline v4.2/ EU25 Global warming (GWP100a)

Amongst its suppliers it promotes environmentally responsible behaviour

Corsivia acts as a guiding force for its suppliers, obliging them to develop environmentally sustainable conduct as well.

Customer – supplier meetings are held every year to share information on procedures and possible improvements.

It works with customers to define environmentally responsible actions

  • Use of ecological targets and / or target collection
  • Advice on lead collection
  • Advice and help on selective separation and recycling of packaging.
  • Collaboration to reduce the level of noise emitted by the shooting range activity.
  • Planting trees to absorb the CO2 emitted (neutralising the carbon footprint).