In the evenings, during the peace and calm of my dinner, when the day’s battle is over, I usually take a quick look at what is going on in the WhatsApp groups I belong to. I even take the time to check the “status pictures” of my contacts.

A few days ago, one of my contacts posted a didactic photo on his status listing the cost of each of the elements necessary for clay target shooting. The infographic I have copied here, sorry for not mentioning the author but I have not identified him, proposed an approximate investment of 20,400 euros. All this without taking into account the cost of the clay targets.

platos de tiro

He proposed an investment of 12,000 euros for the shotgun, glasses 450 euros, ear defenders around 100 euros and jacket 120 euros.The rest of the accessories are valued at 230 euros.

To reach the proposed 20,400 euros, 7,500 euros is spent on cartridges. This amounts to 30,000 “shots”.

Assuming that 30,000 cartridges are used, at a rate of 1.5 cartridges for each target (which is more or less the ratio that any manufacturer has in mind), we can assume that this sportsperson will use about 20,000 targets / year. Approximately 800 sets, more or less 4,000 euros extra.

By the time I got to my dessert, two thoughts had occurred to me:


A. Whoever created the infographic was was thinking of an elite trap shooter; for it to cost 20,400 euros, he must have been thinking of top of the range brands….

    • Beretta DT11 shotgun, or Perazzi High Tec or Blaser or Rizzini, even with a stock personalised by an expert gunstock manufacturer like Manuel Ricardo or Ceire
    • First class cartridges, Star team EVO, Rio, Clever, Nobel,…
    • Accessories from brands such as Pillá, Peltor, Pierre Boutin, ….
    • Textiles from top quality brands like CASTELLANI

And… although it is true that these brands cost what they cost, it is not really necessary to spend such a large amount of money to start enjoying this sport. Simply buying a quality second-hand shotgun, such as a Miroku, Kemen, or even a Beretta 690 is enough to get started.

As for the rest of the accessories, there are a multitude of national and international gun shops and shopping centres capable of supplying elite products, but also more affordable brands. Several shops come to mind…Armería Percofan, The Gun Room , Decathlon, Frankonia…


B. The shooter must bear in mind that it is normal for shooting ranges to periodically update the price of the series of targets at the shooting range, even if it is by 20 or 50 cents per year.

Very often I hear that the owners of shooting ranges are “afraid” to increase the price of their targets. This has always surprised me, especially when I see they are working with such tight budgets, but even more so now we have an overall view of what this sport costs.

I actually think the shooter should be very grateful for the work carried out by the shooting range managers and owners. We don’t often fully realise the work that these owners have to do on a daily basis (permits, licences… ) so the sportsperson can enjoy a few hours.

Let’s help to develop and grow the shooting ranges, otherwise we won’t have anywhere to go to enjoy our love of CLAY TARGET SHOOTING.